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About "Inventory" pack

This is "Inventory" module — several passages you can add into your AXMA Story Maker project:

Especially for you, I wrote a little story to show the module features.

After scene description you see a list of items located here:

Let's click on the iron axe:

You see item's description and can take it.

Look around and you will not see the iron axe anymore. Where is it? Yes, you have to click on Inventory link at the right top corner.

If there are two and more items in the list you can do quick actions: Throw all, Take all and etc.

Some inventory items at certain locations have special actions, let's click on the bronze key:

You can unlock the chest with the bronze key for example.

You can limit the number of inventory items.

Leather bag and purse are containers. Such items can contain other items. Let's put the bronze key to the purse.

Of course you can see items inside containers and remove them.

Every item has specific volume and every container has limited space. So you can't put a large item to a small container:

Now let's go to a shop. You can buy and sell items there.

Every item has specific cost. But you can set the price of some items to 0, these items can't be sold, important quest items for example.

You can also give your items to NPC:

You can see the list of NPC items:

And you can take your items back from NPC:

Now you can play "InvenStory" to see how it works. And try to score 7 points! ;)

Get your own "Inventory" pack (3 in 1) which contains:

  • The "Inventory" module to add into your project (see ReadMe.txt file)
  • Blank project for AXMA Story Maker with "Inventory" module included: one location, one shop, three default items
  • Source code of the "InvenStory" game (learn advanced using of the module)
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